If i had to best sum up 2014 it would be “one step forward, three steps back.” Now that sounds like a bad thing, and at times it certainly felt like a bad… Continue reading


My name is Brittany. I am twenty-three. I am married to an incredible man who I adore. We have two precious dogs. I have the greatest family and friends. I love the Lord.… Continue reading


2013 has been a year of big life moments. And ┬ábig life moments bring change. And with change comes challenges. Through all the change that happened in 2013, I lost myself. I struggled… Continue reading

2013 Recap.

2013 was a big year. Here are a few big moments from this past year: 1. I GOT MARRIED. 2. I went to my first college football game. 3. I moved away from… Continue reading

Christmas 2013

Christmas is my favorite. I love everything about it. This year was even more special because it was my first Christmas married. I loved being able to start new traditions and memories with… Continue reading

A piece of me.

When I was looking through pictures for the Thanksgiving post it brought back so many memories. Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from somewhere. My family is a huge part of my story.… Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2013

This year I was thankful for many things, but one of the main things was thanksgiving itself. This was our first holiday married. That alone made it special. We spent lunch with Andrew’s… Continue reading

Getting ready.

The day of the wedding we had so many different people helping to get everything ready to make our day perfect. Many of our friends in Georgia as well as so many of… Continue reading


I had wonderful bridesmaids. I mean WONDERFUL. They made my day perfect. And I loved having them with me through all the planning and struggles and ultimately, standing my side on the day… Continue reading


Thursday night we went out to the barn to rehearse and then went back to Andrew’s grandparents house for dinner. They went out of their way to make the night so perfect. We… Continue reading